Joshua Sowemimo

Joshua Sowemimo

“One word to describe my art is quality,” said photographer Joshua Sowemimo, who has been shooting for the last five years, with his first real shoot occurring back in April 2014. Also on the rise as a record executive, Sowemimo covers a variety of areas in the artist industry such as event photography, studio, concert, outdoors, and plenty more. Being published in Immersive Atlanta and also heading the first round of photography for the HEET ATL store relocation to Little Five Points in Atlanta, GA this year are accomplishments Sowemimo has added to his growing list of successes. “I feel someone else would describe my work as very clean and quality work,” he said, and it has shown nothing less. (For the camera lovers out there, Sowemimo uses a Canon 5d Mark IV and a Nikon D3!)

Sowemimo continues to pursue his career in photography/videography by establishing himself through his own brand "Sosovisions." According to him, “The meaning behind Sosovisions is being able to see and follow what I am experiencing at a certain moment in time. While I am a photographer I am also an artist manager and as time goes on, my visions will become known.” 

Even though Sowemimo involves himself within many aspects of the artist industry, one particular area peaks his interest and allows him to flourish as an artist. “My namesake would be concert photography because I am able to live out my love for music while capturing artists I've listened to since being a kid,” he said. In addition to that, Sowemimo envisions himself living financially free within the next few years while running a successful record label and owning his own photography/music recording studio in Atlanta, GA.

Getting himself known within the artist industry comes natural for Sowemimo; in Summer 2017 he attended New York Fashion Week as well as Complex Con 2017 with entrepreneur MarQuis Trill. “I was recently offered a contract to be Arthur Blank’s (the owner of the Falcons and Co-founder of Home Depot) personal photographer,” he said. A few artists and influencers Sowemimo has shot with are French Montana, Miguel, Cyhi Da Prince, Tut, Joe Moses, and Leena Sayed. 


Joshua Sowemimo is here to leave a lasting mark in the creative world and we are here to witness it happen. In April 2018, his clothing line called “FaithxFinesse” was finally launched after sitting on the idea for more than two years.